5 of the best adrenaline infused activities in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a place of vast landscapes, from volcanic mountains, glaciers, rainforests, emerald lakes to pristine beaches. Given the great diversity, its the perfect place to get adventurous. Numerous insane excursions can be found on the islands, and the laid back, friendly mentality of the area balances it all out for the perfect vacation.

Glow worm cave tubing

Glow worms hang from within various caves in New Zealand, and put off a majestic blue hue comparable to something that might be seen in space. Bioluminescence is created within the worms through a chemical reaction, similar to the glowing effect seen in fireflies. While there are other experiences that take you into the caves to see this incredible wonder, tubing over sliding rocks, rapids and small cliff jumps is by far the most exhilarating. Several companies offer the day trip, and its an activity generally safe for everyone 6 years and up. Expect to do some walking through the lush forests before and after your trip; its just another beautiful part of the experience.

Skydiving over the Fox Glacier

New Zealands famous glaciers can be seenwith great clarityfrom the sky. Small planes take jumpers thousands of feet into the air, where they can take in multiple landscapes at once. While the views are astonishing from the plane window alone, the thrill of free falling while viewing beaches, rainforests, snow fields and the famous Fox Glacier is incomparable. Depending on your altitude, your free fall will last from 50-70 seconds while you gaze upon the highest and largest glacier on New Zealands west coast.

Quad biking near the Franz Josef Glacier

Located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park, Franz Josef Glacier is surrounded by riverbeds and age old glacial trails that have been carved by ice and water. These ancient pathways can be explored via all terrain vehicle. After a short instructional review, experienced individuals guide you into the wilderness where youll splash through water and mud on a bumpy ride through rainforests and areas where youll have picturesque views of Franz Josef. New Zealands weather can be unpredictable, but the quad bikes go out rain or shine.

Zorbing in Roturua

When zorbing, you climb into a huge, clear, bouncy sphere, somewhat like a human hamster ball. Inside the giant ball is another sphere where the rider is safely secured before rolling down a large hill. While many places offer zorbing, New Zealands wet or dry courses feature zig zags and heart pounding drops. Zorbing is a lot like riding a roller coaster, yet you feel more free and in control of your own experience. Youll belaughing like a kidon your tumble down, but do try to take in the incredible views.

Riding the Nevis Swing

The Nevis Swing is atwist on New Zealands legendary bungee scene. Queenstown is home to this beast of a swing, the worlds largest in fact. Before being strapped in, youll be guided over a suspension bridge, then to the launchplatform. If you are brave, you can go solo, but you also can take the 160 meter high leap with a buddy. Youll reach speeds up t0 125kph and can even go backwards if you are feeling crazy. While similar to bungee jumping, the swing has a little less edge. But dont be fooled, its still for the most daring adrenaline junky.

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